How To Build a Positive Company Culture

by Michelle Heatherly on Jan 26, 2017

From celebrating big wins to enjoying a casual Friday afternoon, building a positive company culture is good for long term success. It inspires teamwork and creativity without depleting your bottom line. Simply ask yourself “Would I want to work for me?”

Here are a few things you can do to keep your company culture positive:

Recognize Hard Work

You don’t need to pat your employees on the back every time they do something good, but you do need to make them feel valued and appreciated. Bringing attention to significant achievements and milestones is sure to make your employees smile and it also lets them know they are doing good work.

When people feel like their jobs are meaningless, they tend to lose enthusiasm and become less productive. You need to find ways to reward hard work and make your employees feel as though they are indispensable.

Transparent Communication

Just like your employees don’t want their hard work to go unnoticed, they don’t want their ideas to go unheard either. Make a point of creating an open communication channel between staff and management. Not only will this create good feelings in the office, you might learn things about your business that you didn’t know.

One way to foster communication is to hold meetings where you discuss recent wins and explore ways to improve. Getting your employees together in one place makes it easier for everyone to communicate and participate in group discussions.

Make Time for Fun

Sometimes, you just need to have fun. Setting up a ping pong table in the breakroom might seem anti-productive, but studies show that having fun in the workplace actually increases productivity. Taking periodic breaks allows people to break through the monotony of work and refocus their energies when they come back to it. Plus, when employees like their jobs, they are more likely to go the extra mile and put in off-hours work from time to time.

Be Accountable

As a leader, it is your job to set the example for your employees. Be accountable for your actions and accept responsibility for your mistakes. If your employees notice that you have a tendency to shift the blame, they will follow suit and your company culture will start to suffer.

Keep it Positive

A positive workplace has more long term success because it fosters a team mindset and increases creativity among employees. It also provides workers with a buffer from the negative feelings such as stress and boredom. In the long run, creating a positive company culture attracts better employees and gives them incentive to bounce back from challenges and difficulties.

Michelle Heatherly

Michelle Heatherly

Michelle Heatherly is the Director of Marketing, Operations & Strategic Development for Demetree Global. She is committed to providing the highest level of service possible and ensuring customers have an excellent experience with Demetree Global.