Mary Demetree is #33 of Orlando Magazine’s 2004 Power 50

by Demetree Global on March 13, 2013

business-owner-award-winner.jpgThey are the people who make things happen in Orlando. They run our hospitals and theme parks, raise money for good causes, help politicians get elected and are involved in setting the course for Central Florida’s future. They are some of the most influential people in Orlando, weighing in on everything from what gets built here to how to improve our quality of life to who runs for office.

And 50 of them make up annual list of the Most Powerful People in Orlando.

Mary Demetree, Owner and President of Demetree Real Estate Services, Inc. was ranked #33 in the 2004 Most Powerful People in Orlando.

“National builders have been flocking to Orlando for more than a decade to build large-scale developments. The result has been that many of the city’s old-line developers have seen their influence wane. But Mary Demetree’s company, Demetree Builders, remains powerful. Demetree not only builds, it owns the local sensation, Park Plaza Gardens, several mall, apartments, and shopping centers.”

Source: Orlando Magazine

Demetree Global

Demetree Global

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