Park Plaza Gardens Featured in Orlando Magazine

by Demetree Global on January 24, 2013

Park Plaza Gardens was recently featured in the Orlando Magazine:

"At three decades and counting, Park Plaza Gardens continues to impress.

It’s very likely that someone you know has been eating at the Park Plaza Hotel since before you were born. Built in 1922, the Park Plaza (originally the Hamilton Hotel) had a restaurant called the Hamilton Room in what is now the street-fronted café. It was considered the height of luxury, with linen tablecloths, waiters in starched white aprons and butter, lots of butter. The hotel was purchased in the ’70s and renamed by the Sprang family, who extended the restaurant into an open-air courtyard on what was a parking lot. In 1980, the Park Plaza Gardens concept was born, adding a glass-covered ceiling and an upscale but casual feel."

Read the full article here.

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