Scott Joseph Orlando: Park Plaza Gardens Present’s VIP Dining

by Demetree Global on January 21, 2013

Park Plaza Gardens was featured on Scott Joseph's flog (food blog) regarding their VIP dinners:

"Park Plaza Gardens has started offering a new dining experience that’s a twist on the usual chef’s table. Park Plaza Gardens has a chef’s table, albeit not in the kitchen, which, for my money, is where a chef’s table should be.

But now PPG has taken the small room off the main atrium dining room that has traditionally been reserved for small parties and designated it the VIP Themed Dinner Room. Guests can reserve the room for a special dinner featuring one of three themed menus: 1940s Supper Club; East Meets West; or Southern Decadence. I visited recently with a few friends to experience the Southern Decadence dinner. And by the time we left, I was reminded how talented -- and under-sung -- chef John Tan is. It was an extraordinary meal from start to finish."

Click here to read the full article.

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